Join Our TEAM

TEAM Services Corporation, a minority-owned business enterprise, is always looking for talented individuals to be part of our TEAM. We offer opportunities in crowd management, event staffing, security and guest services, and currently operate in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orlando and Cincinnati. TEAM Services also provides area ambassadors to supplement more expensive security options to communities throughout the United States.

TEAM Services is particularly interested in hiring former athletes and veterans. The company recognizes the value of teamwork and the sense of belonging that being a TEAM member brings and has instilled this mindset in its culture. Our company’s administration and training processes are also attuned to the collaborative approach inherent in teams, which we recognize as an important organizational structure that revolves around staff members’ competencies. For that reason, TEAM Services appreciates the perspectives of all of its personnel, from new and/or inexperienced to seasoned and highly skilled.

TEAM Services is open to those seeking long-term permanent careers as well as those pursuing short-term opportunities. TEAM Services’ leadership understands working with the organization may serve as a stepping stone but can also lead to an extended employment relationship. Opportunities include security guard work and event manager positions.

If you are interested in joining TEAM Services’ team as member of the event staff for major sporting or entertainment events, please send a cover letter and resume to