Carey Drayton

Carey Drayton

Carey Drayton is TEAM Services Corporation’s President. As such, he keeps TEAM Services running smoothly as its chief administrator, risk manager and HR director. Drayton provides leadership in these areas inside and outside of the organization, often acting as a TEAM Services liaison and consultant to external clients.

One of Carey Drayton’s main professional interests involves the intersection of technology, efficiency and accountability. He looks for ways to maximize technology, such as increasing the number of closed-circuit cameras, analyzing available data and leveraging this information to create tactical strategies to address crime and the fear of crime. He also has effectively addressed the generational differences in the perceptions of cameras in a community. He says younger generations are more at ease with them, whereas older people often think of George Orwell’s novel “1984” and Big Brother. Bridging those generational gaps involves explaining how cameras can thwart or deter crimes ranging from simple acts to terrorism, according to Drayton. For TEAM Services, he plans to work closely with clients to effectively use technology, layering security and law enforcement personnel to create an effective strategy to improve the safety and security at campuses, businesses and major events.

During his more than three decades of law enforcement and security work, Carey Drayton has made higher education institutions the focus of his career. He has managed events with up to 90,000 spectators at universities from coast to coast, which requires a special emphasis on young adults and the strategic use of company personnel. Prior to joining TEAM Services, he served as chief of public safety for the University of Southern California. During that time, he developed the security plan for several visits of both Senator and now President Barack Obama, which generated no traffic disruptions, student disorder or scheduling glitches and generated positive publicity. This was in significant contrast to how the rest of Los Angeles fared during the visit, as the city encountered numerous traffic delays and other challenges noted by press accounts at the time.

Carey Drayton also led campus security efforts at Florida State University, the University of Oregon, The George Washington University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has extensive experience arranging security for foreign heads of state as well as American officials, including the president and vice president. Additionally, Drayton has ensured the safety of a number of first ladies, presidential candidates and controversial figures, such as Barbara Bush, the Clintons, the Obamas, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter and Louis Farrakhan. Each time a polarizing individual was set to visit a campus, Drayton created and conducted extensive planning and staff training, taking into account all possible details, issues and problems that could arise with respect to parking crowd management, potential protest and more.

Throughout his career, Carey Drayton has expanded his knowledge tirelessly and systematically through continuing education and training programs that keep him current with state-of-the-art strategies, technology and techniques. More than two decades ago, he graduated from the FBI National Academy. Drayton also completed multiple police academies and certification programs.

It was during his undergraduate years that Carey Drayton first got involved with security. A close friend worked as a student police officer and helped him obtain a part-time job that helped him offset his school expenses. While assuming a heavy work schedule assisting with security for rodeos, graduations and basketball events, Drayton also continued his studies. Taking place prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the events had different security requirements than those of today. There were no bag searches for example. The greatest change the following those tragic terrorism events, however, occurred in public perception. People’s awareness of possible security risks grew tremendously and event promoters became more willing to expend funds to ensure attendees’ safety.

Carey Drayton has stayed in contact with team sports through high school football and basketball officiating. He also had the honor of officiating Arena 2 League Football the first two seasons of the league.