Chris Davis


Chris Davis serves as TEAM’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and has received global recognition for his law enforcement and security expertise. Mr. Davis completed a distinguished 23-year career as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, retiring from Senior Executive Service, an elite group of seasoned professionals representing the agency’s top 1 percent. During his tenure with the FBI, Mr. Davis acquired expertise in strategic planning, crisis resolution, counterterrorism, criminal investigations and tactical leadership of comprehensive security operations throughout the world.

Mr. Davis began his career in security as a “yellow jacket” for CSC, which piqued his interest in the security industry while he was a student-athlete at Purdue and San Diego State Universities. Following completion of his undergraduate academic requirements, Mr. Davis went on to enjoy a career in professional football as a member of the National Football League’s New York Giants and the New England Patriots prior to his acceptance into the FBI. Mr. Davis also earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

During the course of his FBI career, Mr. Davis investigated a wide variety of matters and served in various leadership capacities. He was a Bureau-certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, Post Blast Bomb Investigator, General Police Instructor, and was collaterally involved in many of the FBI’s most significant counterterrorism investigations. As a result of his counterterrorism and security expertise, Mr. Davis was selected to participate as a member of the FBI’s Executive Management Special Events Security planning and preparedness teams for events including, but not limited to, five NFL Super Bowls, two Presidential National Conventions, NBA Finals, NBA All Star Game and Weekend, World Series, G-8 Summit, and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, where he served as the FBI Sector Commander.

An award-winning individual, Mr. Davis has received numerous Incentive Awards and letters of commendation for his investigative and managerial accomplishments and for his dedicated work with underprivileged children. He also holds membership in a variety of organizations, including, but not limited to the NFL Alumni, theNational Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) and the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA), and the Society of Former Agents of the FBI.

Mr. Davis brings professional athletic experience to his security leadership role, coupled with his decorated career in law enforcement, which gives him unique insight into the world of sports and event security management.