Our Story

The rigors of competing at a high level instill elite athletes with exceptional sportsmanship skills and discipline, but there is one downside: training at this level requires athletes to have total devotion to their sport. Often this allows them little or no time to develop other skills during their playing years. And for some players, the narrow focus and highly structured lifestyle puts them at risk for failure in their post-athletic lives. TEAM Services was created with this realization in mind and with the goal of establishing a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) that would service the athletic and entertainment event industries with individuals who had helped create it.

Not only would this provide much needed employment opportunities for former players, it would create a remarkable force of highly trained security professionals—especially considering that these athletes already possess many of the skills required for secuirty services. TEAM Service embraces those who have trained their entire lives for professional sports by giving them a way to begin a new career and the opportunity to once again enjoy camaraderie and common goals.

As the founder of Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), the largest crowd management and event security firm in the world, Damon Zumwalt has lent TEAM Services his corporation’s expertise; has licensed it his proprietary workforce software, and has awarded it CSC’s prestigious platinum preferred partner status that signifies the high-level training program TEAM Services will employ for all staff members.

Who We Are