TEAM's Values

What’s truly important to us as an organization starts with our name: TEAM. Many of us are former athletes, but all of us have the same core values—namely to respect the ideals and principles embodied in our name. TEAM implies cooperation, communication and coordination to achieve exceptional performance and outstanding results. And it involves accountability—to each other, to our clients and to the community we serve.

Most significantly, TEAM Services Corporation reflects the core values it was founded to nurture and preserve, namely:

  • Teamwork, an effort that requires all company personnel to work together to fulfill their common goal of providing incomparable service with trust, commitment, enthusiasm and respect;
  • Excellence, which is reflected in the professional and empathetic way all TEAM members conduct themselves, treat each other and those they serve and undertake their projects;
  • Accountability, where every TEAM member is committed to accepting responsibility for his or her assignments and acting responsibly to fulfill them; and
  • Measurability, which is evident in the superior, and quantifiable, results achieved by TEAM for all of its clients.

These values are the foundation of TEAM Services' company culture, and never change from project to project, or person to person, thanks to the way we screen, recruit, train and respect all of our personnel. If there is one thing that playing sports at an elite level has taught our executives, it is that teamwork is more essential than anything else. Teamwork is what allows us to compete and win on the field or in the gym—so no one person is more important than the TEAM. That means “how we play the game” is as important as winning. We are intent on guiding our TEAM members to channel their passionate competitive spirits and play the best game possible—to ‘win’ by achieving success as a TEAM.

Who We Are